Thursday, 4 February 2016


My coworkers and I were pretty excited for Winterlicious and we had a decent experience at Cafe California, so we made another lunch reservations to try out another restaurant nearby work. 
 (*Items I would recommend and/or order again)
Beef Carpaccio
Really thin slices of raw beef with a cheese and arugula salad tossed on top and a hint of olive oil. 
It looked great and sounded delicious, but there wasn't really anything to tie the dish all together. 
Chicken and vegetables
My coworkers got this and thought it was okay (they preferred the lamb when they tried it). 

The lamb was delicious! The meat was so succulent and it just fell off the bone and the pairing of the mashed potatoes and vegetables with the sauce were great. Also - this was a huge portion (good value for money). 
Chocolate cake
Creme Brulee
Pretty good - nice crispy torched sugar layer and not too sweet custard underneath. 

Overall: The service was a bit of a mess since they mixed up the dessert order and they had to come back a few times to ask us what we had ordered.  The food was pretty good though. 

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