Sunday, 3 April 2016

Wildfire Steakhouse & Wine Bar

April 3, 2016
Last time we were here, we saw some promotional signs advertising their Social Meet. 20160403_174814
This was a great deal since most of their entrees are $20+ and their steaks are great! 

Grilled Calamari
Their grilled calamari is probably the best I've eaten. The sweet tomato sauce, salty capers and grilled calamari (with lots of spices and flavour) combination works really well.

8 oz. New York Striploin
Not as nice as it was at our last meal, but it's also a promotional event going on - so I guess I can kind of understand. 

Full Rack of Back Ribs
This was great! The sauce was sweet and savoury (which I prefer over smoky sauces) and it was such a huge rack that it spilled over the plate a bit! I'd definitely come back for their ribs. 

March 29, 2016
I came back for my birthday steak (in the month of March)! 
New York Striploin
This time I read the menu and noticed that you could add toppings to your steak like sauteed onions and garlic butter - so I took advantage of that.  The steaks were much better this visit than they were two weeks before (maybe it was the March break rush). 

New York Striploin
Huge and so yummy with the garlic butter and sauteed onions!

March 13, 2016
Shrimp and Steak combination with shrimp skewers and a 6 oz. sirloin
The quality of the meat wasn't very good - it was stringy and tough.  The shrimp were nicely seasoned and the mashed potatoes were delicious as usual. 

New York Striploin
The meat of the striploin was better than the steak served above. I like they way they season their meat and the grill marks look great on the striploins. 

March 29, 2015
It felt a little darker inside Wildfire than previous years. 
12 oz. Striploin
I really find that they do Striploins the best here at Wildfire. The meat is juicy and packed with flavour.  This year they added a dollop of aioli onto the steak. 
The plate looks a little sad with the small baked potato and the grilled veggies seemed particularly oily this year. 

16 oz. Striploin with mashed potatoes and veggies
The side dishes here were also a little sad looking - with the tiny bit of mashed potatoes on the huge plate and the oily vegetables (these didn't even seem grilled). 
The experience this time didn't live up to the last time we went to Wildfire. 

March 12, 2012

Love their bread and it usually comes accompanied by the most amazing garlic hummus ever! I credit this restaurant for starting my current obsession with hummus - mmmm delicious. The bread is always soft and warm and with the hummus, you can't go wrong. 

They also have some amazing appetizers - the grilled calamari is probably the best I've ever had (we keep coming back for that and the steak) and the escargot Provencal with the garlic butter is delicious! (For an extra treat, try the bread + hummus + garlic butter, it's heavenly)

The Classic New York Striploin (12 oz)

The Porterhouse (20 oz)
I love the way they do their steak - it's always cooked well and I can trust them to do a good medium rare that is tender and full of flavour. It's a lot of meat and I think well worth it for $44 (excl. tax). The vegetables are always nicely cooked too - and they're seasonal which keeps it interesting (I love their grilled red peppers, yum!)

To celebrate my birthday, they gave us a free dessert! Mini chocolate covered ice cream - what a nice way to end the meal! Another dessert I love eating here is the Creme Brulee (They have an amazing dessert chef here)

Conclusion: This is one of my favourite steakhouses in Toronto. Slightly on the pricey side, but they serve consistently great food.

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