Saturday, 7 May 2016

Sushi Kaji

We've heard so many good things about Sushi Kaji and it's always ranked as one of the top Japanese places in Toronto. We came here for a milestone event (rather than just a casual dinner) since it costs
$130 per person for the tasting menu with the sashimi plate (or $100pp without sashimi plate). 

It was actually located in a rather unassuming location (we drove by it before we realized we passed it). When we walked in, the restaurant was quite nice and had a peaceful feel with enough space between all the tables so that you didn't feel crowded (and it was mostly reservations only). 

Butternut squash with a surprise in the middle and edamame
This first dish really set the playful tone of the whole omakase experience. It was intriguing, fun and yet had a hint of familiarity (with the edamame beans).

Octopus with a yuzu sauce
Very yummy! Who knew yuzu and octopus could go along together so well?

Sea bream, mackerel in back and amberjack
The fish was fresh and beautifully plated. I liked that the mackerel wasn't salty and the sea bream had a slightly gummier texture and the amberjack was nice.

Sea bass in seaweed sauce
The fish had a nice crispy skin, a sweet flavour and flaky flesh. The seaweed sauce was delicious too!

Sea urchin
Not the typical sushi presentation! The sea urchin was really rich, tasty, creamy and decadent. 

20160507_190542 Crispy fried noodles in broth
This was tasty but rather small for the noodle portion of the meal.  The noodles were nice and crispy, but a rather strange combination with the broth. I'm not sure I was 100% behind this idea.

Unagi with yuzu
The yuzu sauce hits again! It added a nice citrus punch to the sweet unagi on rice.

Octopus sushi
It was quite sweet. 

Sweet scallop and nice touch of sauce on top
The sauce enhanced the sweetness of the scallops by providing a bit of a salty and savoury contrast.

Squid sushi
Cute and fun! 
Salmon roe

Bluefin tuna
The tuna was so slippery and fresh - yum!

Diced toro with green onions
Toro is the fatty tuna belly (also known as some of the most expensive and amazingly delicious  sushi/sashimi) and as yummy as it is by itself - it's actually quite nice with the green onions (like when I had it in HK).  Unfortunately, I felt like this was rather poorly executed because the seaweed was badly wrapped around and the sushi just fell apart.

Torched toro with sauce on top
This was a much better Toro experience! It was fun and different (and still amazingly yummy).

Sea bream sushi with seaweed on top
The sea bream was really yummy and it had this light sauce that enhanced the flavour.

Unagi and cucumber rolls
It was good, but the sushi wasn't very nicely wrapped in this case either.

Mackerel sushi
Interestingly enough, this was saltier than the sashimi we had earlier.

Vanilla  ice cream, mixed jelly and fruits in syrup
A nice note to end with - the dessert was sweet and tasty.

Pear sorbet and condensed milk
I liked the origami paper presentation, but the dessert seemed very small in comparison to the other dessert options and it was only okay.

Roasted green teCrème brûlée 
Another crème brûlée in a week! It was good and really incorporated the roasted green tea flavour.

Overall: A really nice experience at Sushi Kaji with lots of interesting and playful dishes. The service was really good as well - I just wish the portion sizes were a little bigger (or that there were some more courses). 

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