Saturday, 16 July 2016

Night It Up! (Markham Night Market)

We got here a little early for Night It Up!, but it was pretty busy:
20160716_182122 20160716_182126
There's lots of things to enjoy like stage performances and sports as well as checking out all the food! It was an Asian foodie paradise...until you saw the line-ups.

WOWffles with mango pieces and ice cream
I can't say I was terribly impressed by this. It was Chinese egg waffles + vanilla ice cream + chunks of ripe mango. I admit I was expecting mango ice cream and it just didn't seem as original or interesting as the other options.

Chocolate WOWffle with Oreo and ice cream
The chocolate wowffle option was much better!
Ooo Squid
It was really yummy!  The squid was a little difficult to eat since (1) it was all on one skewer (and I was afraid of dropping the skewer when I was pulling the squid with one hand and savagely ripping the squid with my teeth on the other side) and (2) it was really hot since it was fresh from the fryer.
It was on the salty/peppery side, but the mayo or sauce was a really good compliment.

Fried Chicken!
This was much better than Hot Star since it was not as salty and it was tender and juicy chicken underneath the fried and crispy skin. However, it still wasn't as good as the chicken I had in Taichung's Night Market (but that's a high standard to follow).

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