Saturday, 20 August 2016

Munich, Germany

After Salzburg, Munich was the next stop. 
We went to Hofbrauhaus for the beer hall experience (and the beer was really good!)
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Stein of Beer

Afterwards, we were driven to our hotel in the outskirts of Munich. There weren't a lot of options for dinner - but there was a Chinese restaurant nearby (so most of the people from the tour ended up here for dinner): 

Fried Rice and Ma-Po Tofu
This was probably one of the smallest bowls/dishes of fried rice we've seen (it's like a serving for two) and the ma-po tofu had some strange spices in it. 
Broccoli and Beef was okay. 

Breakfast the next morning:
Pastries, sausage, ham, eggs, potatoes, smoked salmon, tomatoes with cheese and pears. 
Definitely a much better breakfast than some of the other places. 

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