Saturday, 21 January 2017

California Sandwiches

I've been eyeing this new California Sandwiches since I tried the downtown location in April 2016
They didn't have everything from the downtown store (like their Tiramisu), but they had their sandwiches: 
Chicken Deluxe and extra breaded eggplant
It came with tomatoes, lettuce and mayo, but no marinara sauce. I think I would definitely prefer it with marinara sauce - but the kaiser bun was great and the chicken and eggplant were as good as I remember from downtown. 

Veal sandwich and breaded eggplant with marinara sauce on the side (hurray for extra sauce!)
I think the extra marinara sauce made it even better! The veal and eggplant were really tender. 

Overall: Delicious sandwiches for reasonable prices considering the sizes of the sandwiches. 

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