Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Royal Caribbean Cruise (Day 3) - Allure of the Seas (West Caribbean)

Today we arrive at Royal Caribbean's private resort area on Haiti! 

Since we didn't have a lot of time to grab a sit down breakfast before we embarked on Labadee, we went to the Park Cafe to grab breakfast/brunch. 
Prosciutto and arugula panini, cereal and yogurt, fruit cup, croissants, breakfast burrito and a breakfast panini
This breakfast/brunch was much better than the Windjammer buffet! There were less options, but the food was much better. Personally, I'm a huge fan of the crispy toasted paninis - I love the panini press. The fruit cups were also really convenient and portable. It was a little eerie at first just eating and walking out without paying, but I was gradually getting used to it.

The ship set up a barbeque area and started serving food including make-your-own burgers, wings, hot dogs and salads.
This port was the first time I realized how many people were actually on the cruise ship. We were lucky we got to the beach early and chose a further more secluded spot. It was a little crazy how quickly the beach chairs were taken and all the prime viewing spots on the beach were taken up by other cruise passengers in a few hours. 

Since dinner is so delicious, we made it back on the ship on time for our reservation!
20170207_175523 20170207_190357

Caprese Salad and Arancini
I wish they didn't include the lettuce and drizzled some more strongly flavoured olive oil on top of the caprese salad, but the arancini were yummy!

Roasted garlic soup
Very garlicky

Antipasti with cured ham, olives and canteloupe

Eggplant Parmigiana and Lasagna Al Forno
OMG it's pasta heaven day! I loved the creamy bechamel sauce with the lasagna's meat sauce and the pasta was yummy.

Tiramisu and Sticky Bread and Butter pudding
The tiramisu was okay - I'm not a fan of cocoa powder on top of my tiramisu since I find it distracting. The layers of the tiramisu were soaked in the liquor which was nice. The bread pudding was okay.
Dessert trio with chocolate cake, cheesecake and elderberry mousse
I liked the mousse and the chocolate cake better than the cheesecake (which was a little too fluffy for me).

SECOND DINNER - Windjammer
Ravioli, fruit, pie and chocolate cake
The ravioli was not as great as the Icon Grill (it had been sitting out for longer since we missed the normal dinner rush), but the pistachio pie was really cool and the chocolate mousse cake was pretty good. 

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