Friday, 10 February 2017

Royal Caribbean Cruise (Day 6) - Allure of the Seas (West Caribbean)

It's our day in Mexico and I have a dream date with some Bottlenose Dolphins! 
I had to make sure I started my day off right at Park Cafe. 

Prosciutto panini and Smoked salmon and arugula bagel
Loading up on those carbs and fish since I'll be using a lot of energy to swim with dolphins today (maybe I should call this the dolphin diet)! 

Fruit cup, croissant and breakfast burrito

LUNCH - at Chankanaab
After swimming with dolphins and seeing the manatees up close, I saw down for a buffet lunch. 
Nachos and cheese, carnitas tacos, mini burrito and rice
The food was okay - but I definitely missed the cruise ship options. I've been so spoiled! 

Beef and carnitas on tortilla with fresh papaya
The papaya was AMAZING - it was super ripe and so tasty. I took as much as I could without drawing weird looks from other people. 

When I eventually got back to the cruise ship, I went to the Windjammer to pick up some food and I ended up getting all these sweet snacks: 
Strawberry cupcake and strawberry white chocolate cookie! 
WOW - I'm loving this strawberry theme. The cupcake was so moist and the strawberry cream was delicious! The cookies were soft and sweet. 

Cupcake, lemon tart, cheesecake, chocolate cake and a chocolate cookie. 
I grabbed some desserts for later. 

20170210_175402 20170210_192409

New England Clam Chowder
Pretty good if a tad watery. 

Spinach dip - I loved that it had that nice crust from the oven. Yum!

Seafood ceviche
Beef Carpaccio
Yum! Best appetizer by far. 
Strip Steak with garlic butter

Roasted Rack of Lamb
This was a great lamb dish - it was tender and not too gamey. The sauce was fantastic with the delicious lamb meat. 

Gyoza and filet of sole
I didn't really like the gyoza - something about it just tasted weird. 

Pork Scaloppine Oscar

Conchiglioni pasta
I didn't really like this pasta - the shells got a little dry on the outside and the sauce seemed too watery. 

Warm chocolate cake, panna cotta, ice cream and strawberry kiwi pavlova
I got to try another new type of dessert - pavlova which is really just a meringue. I wasn't a big fan of this either. The chocolate cake was good even if all the ice cream melted. 

Two tone praline finger
Pretty good! I wasn't sure if I was going to like it and it looked really weird, but the praline was yummy. 

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