Friday, 28 April 2017

Studio B Buffet - Las Vegas

About half an hour south of the Las Vegas strip is Studio B, which has the best locals buffet in Vegas.
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Definitely a cheaper option than one of the Vegas buffets on the Strip. However, we actually made it here for the most expensive time but also the best: Seafood buffet time!

They had quite a spread! Here's my round 1
Prime rib, Alaskan king crab legs, oysters, crayfish, quinoa salad, pastas with lots of cheese and sauce (my favourite way to have it), fried fish, cauliflower and more. 
Everything on the plate was delicious! I enjoyed everything and would've ate seconds of it all if I could have (alas, but stomach is not that big). 

Round 2
I had to go back for the King Crab legs - because look at the size of it! It's huge, sweet and so tasty. 
Mussels, oysters, mac and cheese, prime rib again, some veggies, steamed mussels, beef, crab sushi, crab salad, potatoes. Also, a green smoothie (because I was still had my Coachella cold). 
As yummy as everything was, I had to save space for my desserts! It's all about priorities. 

Dessert Round 1
Berry smoothie, pistachio ice cream and mango ice cream, pistachio and raspberry mousse, crepe, lemon tart, creme brulee, tiramisu, fruit and carrot cake - oh and some kalbi ribs, because why not?
The pistachio ice cream was pretty good, as was the mango. The mousse was great (I wanted seconds of it) and the tiramisu and creme brulee were okay. The kalbi ribs were Korean BBQ flavour and great! The one disappointing thing was the berry smoothie - it ended up being like a frozen yogurt. 

Dessert Round 2
Chocolate mousse, pistachio ice cream, pistachio and raspberry mousse (told you I'd go back for seconds), chocolate molten cake and chocolate cake. 
I love how everything was small - it made trying everything much easier. The chocolate cake, mousse and molten cake were good - but I really love their pistachio desserts. 

Overall: Great experience at Studio B Buffet! The atmosphere was a lot more relaxed and it didn't seem as crazy as the buffets on the Strip. I think I liked it more than Bacchanal Buffet even though Studio B might have had less variety of food - the quality and attention to detail for each item was better at Studio B. 

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