Sunday, 23 October 2011


I was researching patisseries in Toronto when I stumbled across the Thobors website: and noticed that they were voted Toronto's Best Baguette (so of course I put this place on our route today). It's also right down the street from La Bambouche which is at Manor Road and Yonge, Thobors is at Manor Road and Mount Pleasant - so it was an easy drive over. 

The prices for macarons and desserts here were much cheaper ($5.95 for the Tofu cake & $2.75 for a macaron at La Bambouche vs. $4.95 for a Mille Feuille & $2.50 for a macaron at Thobors) and we liked their cakes at Thobors much better. We didn't try the macarons (because that would be way too many macarons in one day) but we did pick up a Salmon & Dijon mustard quiche (which had canned salmon - very disappointing - but the egg part of the quiche was really good) and a Baguette (which was hard - we might have to try reheating it before we attempt eating it again, but the taste was really good). 

The desserts at Thobors were much more our taste and I'm sure we'll be back there soon.

La Bambouche

One of the things La Bambouche is noted for is their macarons - and considering I just came back from Paris a few months ago, I was dying to try what people called "the best macarons in Toronto". I decided to try the exotic flavours (from the top): Ume & Sake, mint chocolate, pistachio, lavendar, mango green-tea, caramel sea-salt and yuzu. I found the shells of the macarons too hard and some of them were too chewy - I liked that the lavendar didn't taste like potpourri (since I'm not a fan of the flower flavoured macarons) and they were interesting flavours - but I wouldn't be willing to pay $2.75 for a macaron from La Bambouche again since they were overpriced and not very good. I guess nothing can compare to the master --> Pierre Herme's reglisse et violette macaron.

They also had some desserts on display which we thought were intriguing. The desserts were very Japanese - green tea, edamame, tofu, seasame. The top cake is the Symphony of Citrus and the bottom is the Sasha. I found the Sasha interesting with tofu and white chocolate cream (which was yummy) but I wasn't a big fan of the green tea center. The Symphony had a jelly center that popped right out when we sliced into the cake, but the combination of flavours was good. 

Overall: Not the best experience, I don't think I'll be going back there again.