Friday, 1 January 2016

31 Kitchen

Jan 1, 2016

House Special Super Golden Sago mixed with Mango Ice Cream
Pretty epic dessert

Mango pudding and Taro Coconut Milk with Sago
Two of my favourite Chinese desserts! The pudding was pretty good with chunks of sweet mango and the taro coconut milk with sago was okay - a little on the watery side, but there was a lot of taro and sago. 

Taro toast
Apparently I don't really learn (see below)- but I was hungry and I haven't had taro toast in 5 years!

31 Kitchen Special Golden Toast (Strawberry version)
This was pretty crazy and intense for dessert with ice cream, strawberry whipped cream, chocolate & strawberry sauce and all that toast.  Although, we did learn that inside was this: 
Instead of actual pieces of toast, it was hollowed out and there were toasted pieces of bread inside...

November 11, 2011

I went to 31 Kitchen with a friend of mine and her friend from high school for Chinese Desserts. I have been really craving a Taiwanese dessert called Taro toast (Taro Butter on Brick Toast) for a while, so I was really hoping that 31 Kitchen (formerly The Sugar) would have some and luckily they did! However, the process of actually getting my toast took forever...we were there at 10pm and got our orders and our drinks, but I think I waited like 45 minutes to an hour for my Taro toast and it looked like the picture above (not particularly appetizing). So I was pretty disappointed, then when I actually had it - I wasn't a big fan of it either. 

I like REALLY sweet things and the last Taro toast I tried was in Waterloo at a teashop near the University of Waterloo campus called Sweet Dreams. The Taro toast at Sweet Dreams was bright purple (probably because they used the Taro bubble tea powder to make the butter) and the butter was totally drenched on the toast and it was absolutely yummy. So in comparison to that, I was quite disappointed with the Taro Toast. However, my friend said that the dumplings and waffles were really good there - so maybe I just ordered the wrong thing...Oh well, maybe next time.


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