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Update: The Restaurant has Closed in Feb 2016
January 21, 2012

The second time around we decided to try something different - so we bought:
From top left: Strawberry tart, Pomme Coco - which is caramelized apples, shredded coconut and cinnamon, Lemon tart and the same Pomme Normande and Poire Amande. 
There's definitely more selection on the weekends than the weekdays. 
The Strawberry, Lemon and Pomme Coco tarts didn't really impress us as much as the Pomme Normande and Poire Amande tarts. They were still quite delicious, but it didn't have the stand-out quality we were expecting of Clafouti.

Pain Chocolate Amande and a Croissant
Amazing! The pain au chocolate amande was fantastic - really yummy! It was better than some of the pain au chocolate amande I've had in Paris. Each bite into the chocolate almond bread was exquisite - the frangipane was done really well and with the chocolate? Heaven!
The croissant had a perfect a flaky outside and moist buttery inside. MMM!

So now that we have all the savoury treats - we needed lunch! So we bought croque monsieurs for $4.75 each (excl. tax).

(Plated on my plates - not Clafouti's)

First thoughts - OMG that's a lot of cheese! And considering I'm not a big fan of cheeses (especially soft cheeses - if it's spreadable, it's not appetizing to me), I wasn't too sure about this until I tried it.
The cheese was really good - although it got to a point where I couldn't differentiate the bread from the soft creamy cheese inside the sandwich (I'm not a cheese connoisseur - so I can't really tell what cheese it was). But what I do know is that this was one cheese-filled sandwich I'd eat again and again (especially at that price!). Wow - it is such a good deal for a sandwich downtown! Great price for a really great sandwich! What else could you ask for?

January 5, 2012

From the top right: Blueberry, Wildberry Clafouti, Pecan, Poire Amande, Pomme Normande and center is Key Lime
All I can say is WOW! These are really good tarts - all of them and they are probably some of the best I've ever had! 
Here's my ranking of the tarts we bought:
1) Poire Amande: this was such a different kind of tart compared to the more popular ones. The poached pears were great and the frangipane was light and not too overpowering. The combination was interesting and worked really well together. 
I thoroughly enjoyed the tart and really wished I had more. 
2) Pomme Normande: absolutely lovely! The tart was sweet and nice. It was amazing how fast it was gobbled up since my family loves apple pies and tarts. 
3) Pecan tart: I'm usually not a fan of pecan tarts because I find that most people don't make the filling well (and I'd rather err on the side of caution and avoidance than suffer a bad dessert). This one by Clafouti definitely blew my expectations of pecan tarts. It was moist, delectable and such a delight to eat!
4) Key lime: light and refreshing and the crust was fantastic! Crumbly and provided the perfect contrast to the heavy key lime cream. Relatively heavy tart for a snack, but if you had a light dinner then this dessert would be the best way to top it off!
5) Wildberry Clafouti: delicious, but after eating all the other ones - this one felt like it was as brilliant as the other tarts. If I just had this one tart, I would have loved it because (a) it was a great tart and (b) I love all berry tarts since you can never really go wrong with them. But alas, I had all the rest before I had this tart.
6) Blueberry: I enjoyed this tart, not as much as some of the other ones because I had a comparison point with the other ones. I felt like this one tasted like it was made with blueberry yogurt and I didn't find it as enjoyable as some of the other tarts.

Conclusion: You've got to visit Clafouti for their tarts! Delicious!

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