Saturday, 28 November 2015

Macau Portuguese Food

Update: Jan 2016 - Location has been closed 
(They were an older couple who ran the Food Court Stall and I think they retired.  I'm super sad about the fact that I won't get to eat their amazing Portuguese Chicken and Baked Chicken Spaghetti anymore since they have seriously raised the bar for Macanese cuisine for me).

November 28, 2015
I actually regularly come here for their Baked Chicken Spaghetti and Portuguese Chicken (if I were to blog every time I went - my blog would just be overwhelmed by the same pictures all the time). 
Stir Fry Noodles and Baked Chicken Spaghetti in Tomato (Ketchup) sauce
Delicious and so tasty...every time I come here, I think about whether I should ask for their secret recipe for their ketchup sauce and Portuguese sauce (which is usually curry powder and coconut milk) because they make the best sauces of both that I've ever had. 

January 8, 2012

The Menu

Macau Portuguese Food is located inside the mall in the Food Court area (meaning super fast service and really cheap prices!). I have no idea how they prepare so much food in such little time, but you could order - do a quick lap around the mall to check out the latest cruise deals, vacation deals, buy egg tarts at the popular bakery or just pick up groceries for your next meal - and voilà when you get back - they're waiting with your take-out order!

Portuguese Chicken in Macau Style
A little background is in order since you definitely can't find something like this in Portugal: Macau was a Portuguese trader settlement in China until they returned the city back over to China in 1999. So even though Macau is part of China, over the years, they've incorporated a lot of Portuguese influence in their culture and cuisine (called Macanese). 

Portuguese Chicken (Called Po Kok Gai in Cantonese) is a mild curry with cream sauce and Portuguese ingredients. In this case, there's chorizo sausage, olives, onions, hardboiled eggs and green & red peppers.
This was AMAZING! This take-out place is really well-known for their Portuguese chicken and it's no wonder when you actually try it! The sauce is creamy but not too heavy and in combination with the rice, it really builds up an appetite - it's like once you start eating, you can't stop! My favourite parts are the boneless chicken pieces, small-cut potatoes (wow do the potatoes ever soak up the flavour of the sauce) and the red & green peppers and onions which add a sweetness to the whole curry. 
It's fantastic together and such a good deal for only $5.25 (excl. Tax)

Tofu in African Sauce

A perfect example of fusion: Tofu + African sauce. I wasn't sure what African sauce since I've never heard of it, but I decided to start out small and try it on Tofu. (It also helps that Tofu with African Sauce was $1 compared to African Chicken Steak which was like an entire meal with rice for $5.30). 
The sauce was interesting and quite good! It had peanut oil, chilli peppers (but it wasn't spicy), garlic and a lot of spices (that I couldn't identify). 

Baked Chicken Spaghetti

For the people who know my food habits well, I LOVE Chinese "Ketchup" Spaghetti! And this place does the BEST Baked Chicken Spaghetti I've ever had and it's such a good deal for $5.99! It's my favourite place to have this meal because the chicken is ABMT: abundant, boneless, moist and tender. The ketchup spaghetti is fantastic - the sauce isn't too sweet (meaning that they never over-do the ketchup) and it's still savoury like tomato sauce. There's also enough sauce in the dish to cover each part of each strand of spaghetti (a must in my book). Absolutely delicious (even if it doesn't look the most appealing)!

One of my favourite good food and cheap eats! 

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  1. I went to Macau couple of years ago, and the best cuisine I ever tasted there were the Macao-Portuguese dishes. The Macau style of Portuguese Chicken leaves you craving for more even though you're really full already! Its creaminess is the best appetite builder. :-)

    Carlo Mash