Thursday, 23 August 2012

Grand Electric

Grand Electric

The patio in the back

The Menu

Guac & Chips
The guacamole was fresh and tasty (but still not as good as Dos Caminos). The salsa was a little spicy. I thought the chips were great: plain so that you could better taste the guacamole, baked so they were healthier and dense so they were filling. The crispy thing in the middle is fried pork skin (surprise! we thought it was a mostly vegetarian dish - but I guess not). It had a nice chewy texture despite looking crispy. 

Taco trio from the top left: Pork Cheek with guacamole and jalapenos, pork belly and pineapple salsa, spicy arbol chicken with yogurt and pickled onions
a) Pork cheek was tender and packed with flavour. It was so good that I ordered a second round (see picture below)
b) Pork belly was good - tender meat and I thought it was a nice touch with sweet grilled pineapples
c) Spicy arbol chicken was quite spicy, so I was grateful that there was yogurt on it. And I was happy we ordered the guacamole (that helped sooth my tongue when the waitress wasn't around to grab us another bottle of water).

Baja Fish with cabbage slaw
Huge! The fish was delicious! Sweet and soft meat inside the fried battered outside. I liked the slaw and mayo as well. This taco may have been the best bang for buck at Grand Electric. 

Pig tail and Pork cheek
For some reason when I ordered this, I had this misconception that it would be like one of those curly cartoon pig tails with very little meat. So I was happily surprised that it was so meaty and it was pretty good. The taco selection here is amazing! It's like you can't go wrong with anything here. 

Spicy calamari (squid) 
The battered squid were quite sweet without the jalapenos. It was done nicely, but I think it's more about the tacos here. 

Right: Chocolate pecan with creme fraiche, bourbon, chocolate and toasted pecans
Left: Key lime with graham cracker crumbs

Chocolate Pecan: I thought the bourbon was particularly strong in the dessert. It was nice, but not as delicious as the Key Lime.
Key lime: OMG this was heavenly! I tried to lick the mason jar clean because the combination of the key lime custard, crumbs and whipped cream were absolutely amazing. The key lime was the perfect combination of sweet and tart and even my friends who usually don't like key lime were totally blown away by it. 

Overall:  The line up to get a table is worth the wait. The tables on the patio are a little gross (especially since the tables were like picnic tables and they're hard to clean), but after eating the amazing food, you don't even notice. I was thoroughly impressed by everything I ate.

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