Saturday, 1 September 2012

Star King

Star King does not have the typical layout of any Vietnamese restaurant I've ever eaten at (mostly because they took over the space from a Kelsey's). 

BBQ chicken and spring roll Vermicelli (Nuong)
My first thought: there's a lot of meat and noodles - that's good. Then I realized that it was going to be super difficult to toss since it was served on a plate. The individual ingredients were okay except for the chili peppers and the old and slightly wilted lettuce. The fish sauce was okay. 

BBQ pork and spring roll vermicelli
I think I was expecting a pork chop, but this was shredded pork instead. (The chicken was definitely better). 

Spring Rolls
Not really crispy, but they were fried at least? They were decent. 

Overall: The food is mediocre and service is decent. I think it used to be a lot better before, but it's clearly in decline now.

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  1. So sad to read about this place. It was so great when it first opened--used to work in the plaza.