Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Cupcake Lounge - Ottawa

We checked out the Cupcake Lounge yesterday when we were exploring Byward Market and when I saw that they had Key Lime cupcakes on Sundays, I knew I had to come back to pick up a cupcake before we hit the road back to Toronto. 

Display case (their cupcakes aren't all pink! that's just bad lighting on my part)

Key Lime cupcake
I was really disappointed. The vanilla cake was crumbly and hard; the icing was thick with nice tart lime flavour, but it was quite heavy. The fondant flower was cute, but it wasn't very appetizing. 
I was also a little disappointed that I got charge $1 for the box - the cupcake itself was $3.25 (excl. tax). 

Overall: The cupcakes are pricey and I didn't like the cupcake I got because the cake was crumbly and hard, the icing was way too heavy. However, it wasn't as bad as my experience at Crumbs; at least the cupcakes here are fresh (not much consolation I'm afraid). 

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