Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Doner Kebab House

I've been seriously craving Döner Kebab ever since my trip to Berlin last year.
So with a little research on Google, I found the Doner Kebab House next to Big Slice (and it came highly rated on Yelp - so I figured it was worth a chance). 
The menu is pretty simple: (1) chicken or veal, (2) plate or sandwich...

Doner Kebab (chicken) sandwich $6 (incl. tax)
As you can see, it was really poorly wrapped and kind of fell apart. I was pretty disappointed:
a) the pita was hard and too chewy (I really had to use my canine teeth to rip into it) 
b) I asked for more garlic sauce, but it turned out to be really watery and runny - leaking everywhere
c) the ingredients weren't particularly fresh either: the chicken was really dry, cold and hard and the lettuce was borderline wilty.  
It definitely wasn't my best döner experience.


  1. I've been hunting for a really good chicken doner kebab since a trip overseas as well. Australia actually. We only seem to have shwarmars here in Toronto. Have you found any decent turkish places or doner kebab's yet. I really loved the sauces that came with them. I was going to try Doner Kebab house so was disappointed to read your review.

    1. Hopgood's Foodliner (on the west end of Toronto) does a good Donair (a Canadian version of the doner kebab that originated from Halifax, NS). I'd recommend that one. The sauce is sweeter than the traditional garlic or yogurt sauces, but overall it was way better than Doner Kebab House. You can check out my full review of Hopgood's Foodliner on March 24, 2013. Hope that helps!