Thursday, 25 October 2012

Elegant Chinese Cuisine

Elegant Chinese Cuisine is on Highway 7, a little east of Markville Mall. 
Monday to Friday, they have a dim sum promotion from 9am to 3:30pm where all sizes of dim sum (S, M, L) are all $2.60 (the regular price of small dim sum dishes is $2.60 while the medium and large sizes are more expensive).
It's a lot bigger than it appears on the outside....

Baby squid in curry sauce and Har Gow
The curry sauce was great: a nice blend of spiciness and tastiness. I wish they steamed the baby squid more to make it more tender - then it would be the perfect dim sum dish!
Har gow had a very sticky and thick skin which made it not that pleasant to eat and it was relatively bland.

1) Congee with pickled gai choi, pork and century egg. I thought that the congee either had some celery in it or it had a celery taste which threw me off since I'm used to just eating the normal pickled gai choi, pork and century egg congee. The celery added a crisp, sweet taste that contrasted with the pickled choi and pork.  
2) Fried Noodles with beansprouts. The noodles weren't too oily which was nice, but they were a little bland though. 
3) Taro Dumpling: it was a deep fried dish with meat and taro - the dish went bad, so we didn't eat anything beyond the first bite.

This was really good! The crispy youtiao inside with the rice noodle on top and soy sauce...mmmmm

Top: Lo mai gai and Bottom: Shumai
The lo mai gai was pretty filling with lots of rice and pork and there was even some egg yolk inside.
Shumai was delicious! Super meaty, fish eggs were good and it was fresh. 

Deep fried tofu in black bean sauce
I found the sauce was bland which didn't help the tofu since tofu usually needs the sauce to add flavour to it. 

Overall: Decent dim sum - the service was fast, prices were reasonable and food was okay. 

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