Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Roxton

Since I knew that my friend and I were going to be in the Harbord and Ossington neighbourhood for dinner, I did a little advanced research and found that The Roxton came with some really good reviews. 

We were pretty excited to try it out - but after wandering on Harbord from Shaw St to Ossington, we were a little confused since we didn't see a sign for The Roxton anywhere. 
We eventually walked right up to the little menu by the door and saw that it said "The Roxton" (yay! finally)

The patio had a few empty tables outside when we got there, but I wanted to avoid the mosquitoes, so I asked for a booth inside. 

Lobster Bolognese with lobster, red pepper bisque and fresh pasta $19
What appeared to be a tiny portion actually ended up being a substantial meal (the piled high pasta was pretty deceiving because when  you spread it out - it's actually quite a bit of food). 
I thought it was hearty, the lobster claw was huge and nicely done.  I liked the way the cheese added to the pasta sauce, but I didn't really enjoy the red pepper bisque sauce - so the dish fell flat for me. 

Make your own risotto. $16
Meat option with one meat, one vegetable, one cheese and one flavour. 
Seafood (smoked salmon), mushroom, ricotta cheese and balsamic risotto. 
This was delicious! I thought the whole thing worked really well.  The mushroom risotto and ricotta cheese added a slightly sweeter element to the dish which was balanced by the tangy balsamic. The smoked salmon was nicely done as well. Really nice!

Overall: It was a hip and edgy place, but got the impression that this was more of a drinks place/bar than a food oriented restaurant. Service was pretty good and food was okay - we saw some stacked board games on our way out (which seems pretty awesome). 
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