Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Cafe Polonez

Cafe Polonez is a long standing Polish restaurant in the west end of Toronto.
Cafe Polonez 
There were quite a few tables and only two servers working (quite a feat - but they did a great job!)
We got some thick and dense bread with butter to start - I think it was potato bread because it was so hearty and filling.
Potato Pancake
Potato Pancake Hungarian Style $14.95
potato pancake stuffed with goulash and served with a side bouquet of salads

The pancake had a crispy edge with a soft inside and it was even better with all the huge chunks of meat from the tasty goulash wrapped inside. Super hearty and filling meal. The sides of buttered carrots and coleslaw were delicious as well. 

Combination Platter 1
Polish Combination Plates Platter for 1 $19.95
4 pierogi, bigos (hunters stew), polonez schnitzel and salad bouquet

According to the menu, the side bouquet of salads includes beets, coleslaw, fried cabbage and/or carrots. I didn't like the cold beet salad, but everything else was delicious! The hunters stew was not quite what I expected since I've never had it before - I thought the stew would be a separate bowl or something and when I got the platter I thought it was part of the bouquet of salads until I looked at the menu again. I was pleasantly surprised because the cabbage was really tasty and I liked the chunks of meat in the mix.

The pierogis were interesting: they had four different fillings of (1) cheddar and potato, (2) cottage cheese and potato, (3) minced meat and (4) saurkraut and mushroom. The pierogis with sour cream and fried onions & pork were really great and my favourites were the cheddar and potato and saurkraut and mushroom.

The highlight of the platter was definitely the polonez schnitzel. It was huge! In case you can't see, the schnitzel was covered by mushrooms and the pierogis, coleslaw and carrots also partially covered it. Basically, it was almost the size of half the plate and it was fantastic! Meat was thin and nicely breaded to perfection. I like the sauce on the Schnitzel Queen schnitzel better, but this one was still really enjoyable to eat. 
I did a pretty good job...
I think I did a pretty good job right?
I left 1/4 of the schnitzel for lunch the next day! :D

Overall: Great place for authentic Polish food! Fantastic hearty and filling food, decent service, and if you're lucky enough to get your hands on a Groupon ($10 for $20 worth of food) - then it's super cheap! Even without the Groupon, you've got to try the schnitzel and pierogis here! Delish

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