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A little few blocks north of Rosedale subway station, is a cute little cafe & patisserie shop - Patachou.
They offered a whole selection of prepared meals, soups, baked goods and treats and quiches.

Outside of Patachou
What I was truly interested in was the tarts! They had so many tarts: raspberry, apple, salted caramel, chocolate, orange almond, lemon and a variety of cakes...mmm cakes

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Apple tart, raspberry tart and an amandine tart.

Amandine Tart
Amandine tart - almond tart with ground almond paste and apricot filling. $5.50
I really like apricots and almonds and it's not a combination I usually see together, so I decided to give it a try. The tart was a little bland, but at least it wasn't too sweet. The apricot and almond flavours can be pretty subtle when baked together (I should have remembered that - but pear and almonds taste amazing together), but I think the biggest issue was that I wasn't a fan of the almond paste. 

Apple Tart

Apple tart $4.95
I was pretty disappointed by this apple tart. It looked really pretty, but when I tried to eat it - I found it extremely sticky. The crust that was supposed to be flaky just ended up being gooey and the tart filling was mushy apple sauce. I was not a happy camper.

Salted Caramel Macaron & Pistachio Macaron
Salted caramel macaron and pistachio macaron ($1.75 each)
The macarons were what saved my trip to Patachou! They were delicious little morsels of pistachio and salted caramel. The cookies were denser than conventional macarons, but they had a crispy outer shell. I loved the pistachio; the foot was moist and filled with pistachio flavour. The salted caramel macaron had a sweet salted caramel icing, but I liked the pistachio buttercream much better!

Overall: Patachou is a quaint nice cafe - probably a great place to grab lunch and some treats, but I think I might stay away from their tarts.
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