Saturday, 17 November 2012

The Reservoir Lounge

The Reservoir Lounge is a classy lounge with live music bands playing jazz, swing and blues. 
The lounge is small and cozy in the basement of the historic Wellington Street buildings.
Beausoleil oysters 
Delicious! Tiny morsels of sweet oyster - even better with a pinch of lemon. 

Pistachio crusted shrimp with spicy mango papaya dip 
The shrimp were really gummy in texture and I felt that they were almost "weighed down" by the pistachio crust. The dip added a nice flavour to it, but overall this appetizer wasn't very good. 

Devil's toast with a ragou of wild mushrooms, pancetta and melted asiago cheese on grilled garlic bread
I liked the combination of mushrooms and asiago cheese, but I didn't really like the pancetta with those two ingredients. It was added on almost as an afterthought and it added a salty element to the toast which I wasn't really a fan of. 
Wild mushrooms pizza with grilled Sicilian eggplant, marinated artichokes, sundried tomatoes, basil pesto sauce & Woolwich goat cheese
All the vegetables worked nicely as the salty and sweet pizza toppings - but I think it was the sundried tomatoes and goat cheese that made it great on the nice thin and crispy crust. I wasn't too sure I tasted the basil pesto sauce, but the other ingredients made up for it. 

Free range chicken pizza with baby spinach, sundried tomato, portobello mushrooms, asiago cheese & yellow tomato sauce. 
This pizza was okay, it may have been missing some cheese? It looked pretty and colourful.

Virgin Mimosa

Raspberry tartufo in a glass and crème brûlée
The tartufo was nice - chocolate ice cream outside and raspberry sorbet inside. The crème brûlée was okay, I really love the burnt sugar on top - but I keep expecting something exciting to happen to the custard to make the crème brûlée interesting. 

Overall: The Reservoir Lounge is a great place to grab some simple appetizers and listen to some great live jazz, swing and blues. The food is decent, service is a little slow, but the music is fantastic!

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