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Gal's Sushi

August 27, 2017
My friends like the cheap and plentiful portions at Gal's Sushi, so they tend to come here when they want sushi or Korean in Markham for dinner. 
Chapchae, miso soup, potatoes and salad
All pretty decent. 

Chicken Katsu Donburi
I wasn't really feeling sushi or Korean food, so I chose something in between - chicken cutlet rice! The donburi was okay; the cutlet was crispy on the outside and pretty sizable for $15. 

December 23, 2012

Gal's Sushi is a Korean and Japanese restaurant located at Warden and Highway 7.

Salad and miso soup to start off our lunch specials

Sashimi, sushi and rolls Box
The sashimi was nice - I forgot that sushi rolls are usually made with wasabi between the raw fish/shrimp and the rice underneath (not exactly a pleasant surprise). They had a fried yam roll, spicy salmon roll (which was quite spicy) and California roll. After eating all the rice from the rolls and the sushi, I was a little puzzled about the rice in the corner of my bento box. On the other hand, I really liked the chapchae noodles even if they were cold.

Tempura Chicken Box
The sauce of the terriyaki chicken was really sweet - I wasn't a big fan of that. The tempura was crispy and the potatoes marinated in sweet sauce were quite yummy.

Salmon Bulgogi Box
They served quite a bit of grilled salmon and it was drenched in terriyaki sauce.
I really liked their bulgogi, despite not having a lot of sauce, it was still very flavourful and it tasted good with the rice.

Salmon roll

Sul Nong Tang
Sliced beef in beef bone broth
The broth was interesting - it was rather heavy on the garlic and had a grainy texture (possibly from the bone marrow). The beef was well-done in the soup.

Overall: I think they do Korean food better than they do Japanese. I found the prices were reasonable and the service was fast.

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