Saturday, 26 January 2013

Pho Vietnam

We came to check out Pho Vietnam on a recommendation. The plaza is still relatively empty despite being open for one or two years and at the end of the plaza is Pho Vietnam (which opened March 29, 2012) serving Vietnamese cuisine.

The Interior is really nice.

Rice vermicelli with grilled chicken and spring roll $8.50
The fish sauce was okay, but not quite tangy enough. I liked that they pickled the carrots and radishes and the chicken was nicely grilled and flavoured, but this was an okay nuong dish. It's more expensive than Pho Con Bo (and not as good)

Steamed rice with beancurd and shrimp paste and grilled pork $8.50
I really liked this dish! The grilled pork chop was thin and tender with a lot of flavour and it was perfectly complemented with the cơm tấm rice (broken rice). I also liked the shrimp paste wrapped in beancurd- it was an interesting experience eating it. The dish has a variety of flavours from the marinated pork to the sweet & tangy pickled vegetables and the crispy shrimp paste and it was held together by the warm steamed broken rice. Yum!

Rare flank, tendon, tripe pho - large size $8.50
It was a big bowl mostly filled with a chicken broth and flank meat, then not a lot of noodles and a few pieces of tendon and tripe.
We were pretty disappointed to say the least. This pho definitely wasn't filling and not particularly tasty. Then when we asked for another bowl of just noodles, we were charged $7.99 for a large bowl - ouch.

Overall: The restaurant was okay - but I'd probably recommend Pho Con Bo for Vietnamese food (it's a 25 minute drive away according to Google Maps)

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