Thursday, 31 January 2013

Robin's Donuts - Thunder Bay

Before coming to Thunder Bay, the only Canadian quick service coffee and donuts store I knew of was Tim Hortons (because it's EVERYWHERE in Canada). 
Since seeing multiple Robin's in Thunder Bay, I decided to stop by and try their breakfast. 
I learned afterwards that Robin's Donuts actually had it's roots in Thunder Bay. It started here in 1975 and expanded across Canada (I think it's fascinating that the HQ is in Toronto because we don't have any Robin's Donuts in the city). 

Coffee and an egg, cheese and sausage "brekwich"
I watched him put the brekwich into the microwave...and was a little disturbed. 
I kind of hoped it would be like Tim Horton's or McDonalds where they assemble the sandwich piece by piece with the egg layer, cheese and sausage...but it wasn't the case. 

Croissant on top and on the bottom
At least the cheese was melted in the microwave.
It was okay...perhaps a little bland. 
The brekwich has 510 calories which is less than the Tim Horton's breakfast sandwich at 530 calories and much less than a McDonald's sausage n' egg biscuit sandwich at 590 calories.


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