Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Blue Door Bistro - Thunder Bay

The Blue Door Bistro took over the location that used to belong to the Good News Cafe and opened it's doors November 2012.

The colourful blackboard of the daily specials is a welcome sign when you walk into the restaurant. 

Tomato and Meatballs Linguine
Our friendly waitress mentioned that the sauces were all made in-house. The marinara sauce was lightly more tart and distinctive with the flavour of black olives and there was a lot of tomatoes in the sauce making it chunky. The meatballs were made with a leaner meat and plentiful in the plate (always nice when you order a meatball and pasta dish) and the garlic bread was a delicious multigrain toasted and buttered. It was beautifully presented.  

Meatball & Olive Panzerotti
The panzerotti was really good! It had a combintation of peppers, green olives, lean meatballs, multi-grain dough and lots of melty cheese! The best part that it wasn't greasy either and it felt like you were making a healthy choice as you were eating it. It was nicely toasted and the marinara sauce complemented it perfectly.

Blueberry strudel
The chef made a batch of blueberry studel in the morning and I couldn't resist grabbing a piece!
It wasn't as crumbly on the top as I would have liked and the cake bottom was a little harder than it appeared, but the blueberry filling was really nice. 

Overall: A nice place to grab lunch and the breakfast specials looked pretty tempting as well. They actually had old blue doors in the decor which added a nice touch.

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