Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The Persian Man - Thunder Bay

Interestingly enough, the Thunder Bay tourism site has a section called "Unique to Thunder Bay" and you know it's a big thing when it's not only featured here, but when it has it's own Wikipedia page. "Try the Hoito and a Persian" are usually what I get when I ask for food recommendations or advice. So, I couldn't wait to see what the Persian was all about. 

The story behind the Persian is that it was named in honour of a U.S. General John Pershing.

It's basically a cinnamon-bun like roll with a little cinnamon in the middle topped with a sweet and slightly tart pink icing which I think could be a combination of raspberries or strawberries. It's debatable which one it's actually made of. It was nice...and really very filling for breakfast due to the size of it.

Chocolate Icing Persian
The icing is pretty thick - I liked the chocolate one too! 

Overall: Definitely satisfied the craving for the novelty Persians (but I probably wouldn't be able to eat one everyday or anything). 

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