Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Come and Get It

My friend and I saw an article about Come and Get It on the Toronto Life website. So, we made plans to check it out before the restaurant moved (and/or disappeared). 
IMAG2250 IMAG2245 
The graffiti art looks amazing!
It's a pretty simple menu - Sandwiches are $8, Salads are $9 and Poutines are $7

Chipotle Braised Beef Short Rib 
Ancho chili BBQ sauce, onions, sweet and sour coleslaw and chipotle aioli
The short rib was flavourful and not too spicy. 

Granny Smith's Chicken Caesar
Pulled chicken, garlic confit caesar aioli, crispy chicken skin, granny smith apple slaw, grana padano cheese and romaine lettuce
The pulled chicken was good (although a little unevenly distributed when cut into 4 sections). I didn't taste the crispy chicken skin or the apple slaw and I was slightly overwhelmed by all the lettuce. 

Hawaiian Pork Belly
Hoisin glazed pork belly, pineapple salsa, crispy pork crackling, pickled red onions, iceberg lettuce
The pork cracking was so hard that I mistook it for pork wasn't exactly the most pleasant taste or texture when chewing what I assumed to be a tender pork belly filled sandwich. The pork belly was good though and I liked the pineapple salsa. This was the favourite sandwich of the bunch. 

Overall: The sandwiches are good and the fillings are pretty original. It's not your average grab and go sandwich/salad/poutine place that's for sure.

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