Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Gargoyles Grille & Ale - Thunder Bay

I read about Gargoyles Grille & Ale in the Walleye and we decided to try it out for lunch. 
Peach BBQ Steak Sandwich $13
7 oz grilled sirloin smothered in peach bbq sauce placed on a toasted garlic baguette and topped with Cajun fried onions. 
The fried onions were seasoned nicely and quite yummy. I liked the sweet BBQ sauce on the steak and the crunchy garlic baguette. However, the steak and baguette were hard to eat together: the steak was thick and chewy while the baguette was crusty and harder to cut apart together with the steak.
The shrimp bisque was not very flavourful and watery. There was a piece of toast with cheese and green onions in the soup which was kind of nice. 

Caramelized Bacon pizza $14
Candied bacon, marinated red onions, thyme, cracked black pepper and creamed brie cheese
The pizza had a nice thin and crispy crust and it was simply topped with the ingredients mentioned (no tomato sauce or anything) and it was really nice. The bacon was a little sweeter than usual (must be the candied part). 

Overall: It's a nice spacious restaurant with some gargoyle fixtures that follow the theme of the restaurant. The food was okay, if a little pricey. 

Website: http://gargoylesgrille.com/index.php
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