Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Hoito Restaurant - Thunder Bay

November 11, 2012
Thunder Bay - the most populous city in Northern Ontario (after Sudbury). It's a 18 hour drive up to Thunder Bay from Toronto (but a two hour flight!)
It was really foggy and a little gloomy when we arrived...
My first time seeing Bearskin airlines! I've only ever heard about it:

We grabbed lunch at a popular local establishment that has been around since 1918 in the basement of the historic Finnish Labour Temple building:
The building is still in good condition considering it's more than 100 years old. 
The placemats double as a souvenier and a menu:

Fresh Rye bread
It was really nice, soft and came with real butter!

Clubhouse sandwich with French fries and gravy $10.50
The fries were plentiful! Not too oily and nice with the thick gravy. The sandwich was huge as well.

Lohiperuna loatikko $9.25
Salmon casserole
Salmon was salty and delicious and it was complemented perfectly by the scalloped potatoes. There was a good balance between the starchy potatoes and salty well-done salmon.
I love their coleslaw too, it was tasty with a creamy texture.

Overall: Great place for a meal in Thunder Bay! It was my first time trying Finnish food and I left feeling full and satisfied. Definitely great value for money considering the portion size and the tasty food. 

February 20, 2013

Pancakes with Sausages
The famous Finnish pancakes! 
They're nice and thin with a crispy edge. Contrary to what it looks like in the picture, there's actually 3 layers of the thin pancakes and it's pretty filling. 

Website: and it has it's own Wikipedia site
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  1. I love your food blog! I happened across it a while back when trying to locate an online menu for Sushi Bong. Now I can't stop reading all the local restaurant reviews. Great job!

    1. Thanks! It started out as a food journal (since I kept forgetting what I ate, where I ate it and whether or not it was good enough to go back). I'm glad you're enjoying it!