Saturday, 16 February 2013

Taro's Fish

Taro's Fish is a fish market and mini Japanese grocery store near Bessarion subway station.

We picked up some stuff (clockwise from the left): Instant Miso soup, chicken teriyaki, octopus fried rice, BBQ Eel and Teriyaki Salmon onigiri (rice ball) and sweet yam chips.
The rice balls didn't have a lot of fish inside, but the packaging was really cool.
The octopus rice was a bit of a disappointment though. I didn't taste the octopus and there was a strong taste of mushrooms.
The teriyaki sauce is really good and I liked the chicken. I also really liked the sweet yam and potato chips and they were a good deal for $1 - the chips were like Terra chips, but with lotus root and fresher fried root vegetables.
Chirashi, Octopus rice and Teriyaki Black Cod
The teriyaki black cod is amazing! It was so good because the fish was soft, tender and juicy and so tasty with the teriyaki sauce.

Chirashi bowl
I couldn't resist getting the bowl with salmon, tuna, tamago, salmon roe, shrimp, mackerel and octopus because it was so pretty and colourful. The fish wasn't as fresh (probably a few days old).
A fresh chirashi bowl is $13.50, but this pre-packaged bowl was $12.95. It was pretty expensive.

OMG! Baumkuchen in Toronto!!!!
The green tea cake wasn't very good, but the baumkuchen was pretty decent for a refrigerated version of the dessert. This baumkuchen is a good place to start trying the King of Desserts, but it definitely doesn't have the same taste, texture and deliciousness as Nenrinya's Baumkuchen.

Overall: Nice place for fish and Japanese groceries & treats. 


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