Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Tony & Adam's - Thunder Bay

January 29, 2013
Tony & Adam's is open for dinner Monday to Saturday from 4pm onwards which is great when you're grabbing a late dinner in Thunder Bay. 
It's a big nondescript building on the outside with a few signs saying "Tony & Adam's" and the inside has a pub/family restaurant feel. 

Fried Bocconcini with baby mozzarella, breaded and fried and served with a spiced tomato chutney $10
The bocconcini was yummy - it was a nice morsel of mild, semi-soft, slightly melty near the breaded outside, crispy on the outside mozzarella. It paired well with the sweet tomato chutney with a little hint of heat at the end. 

Tony and Adam's had a Tuesday promotion: $9 pizzas!
Smoked Chicken and Pesto
This was REALLY good - the pizza crusts were "made with 100% Brule Creek Farms unbleached flour" which is "locally grown and locally ground" - it was a very thin crust baked in a stone hearth and really tasty. The ingredients were fresh: from the authentic pesto sauce to the huge chunks of tomato and melted mozzarella cheese. I also really liked the pepperoni which was thick and not completely baked through (so it had a the perfect nice meaty taste without being crispy).

Overall: Nice! Great value for dinner too - reasonable prices and large portions.

February 20, 2013
Thursday's promotion is half price wine bottles and 3 for 2 appetizers after 9pm.
Caesar salad 
Real bacon bits, parmesan cheese, fresh romaine lettuce and croutons - Yum!

Pan fried Pickerel with garlic mash potatoes
The pickerel is a delicate fish and it's usually a little bland by itself. The spices were okay, but it was the tartar sauce that made it amazing! The tartar sauce was really yummy (with the fish and by itself). I even put it on my vegetables and mashed was so good.
The garlic mashed potatoes were good too, although I wasn't a fan of all that red potato skin. The veggies were good and nicely seasoned. 

Red velvet cake $6.50
It was a smaller portion size (which I was okay with considering I had salad and a large portion of fish). The cake was a little hard and not as moist as I would have liked, but the cream cheese icing was good. 

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