Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Growing Season Juice Collective - Thunder bay

I feel like Algoma Street South in Thunder Bay (between Bay St.and John St.) has this hip, local and green vibe to it. There's all these cool murals and interesting restaurants like The Growing Season Juice Collective, Sweet Pea Home Catering and Restaurant and Bean Fiend.

One of the coolest stools I've seen. It's real wood (and a rather wobbly chair).

Big Life plate
We ordered this as a shared appetizer, but we weren't quite expecting this much food. 
There was the roasted garlic hummus with lentil sprouts, corn chips, pineapples, dry cured meat, marinated olives, strips of dill gouda cheese (probably from Thunder Oaks), bread, celery and carrots. 
The garlic and lentil sprout hummus was really good! It was even delicious when spread with combination of the gouda and cured meat on the bread. Yum!

Living Salad
Fresh greens, in-house sprouted lentils, roasted tofu, avocado & pumpkin seeds & homemade sesame ginger dressing with local bread

Harvest Salad
Fresh greens, in-house sprouted lentils, honey lemon drizzle, pear, chicken, feta cheese, homemade pesto & dried cranberries and served with local bread
The pesto sauce and the sprouted lentils added a nice earthy flavour to the salad and with the sharp feta cheese, sweet dried cranberries and crisp pear, it was so delicious! I could see myself eating this salad once a week and feeling great!

Vegan gluten free brownie
I've never really had vegan gluten free brownies before...and this was interesting. I liked the icing, but the brownie tasted different - there was chocolate in it...but it was different. 

Overall: Amazing Salads! The food was really good, fresh and filling. 

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