Saturday, 18 May 2013


One of my out-of-province friends was in town for the weekend and she had a craving all you can eat Korean barbeque. So we ended up at Chako in Scarborough for dinner: 
Chako Menu Chako Menu
(The first 5 photos are courtesy of C.L.)

Quite a few options: salmon, mussels and sushi
The food usually comes raw (sometimes marinated if it's beef, pork or chicken).

The servers start up the grill and off you go:
Salmon, shrimp and zucchini

Chako select beef (really nicely marbled), marinated chicken, marinated short ribs and lamb

Chicken, salmon, zucchini (I really love grilled zucchini), lamb, short ribs

The all beef and pork grill

Overall: The fun part of Korean Barbeque is that you get to grill your own food (sort of like barbecuing in the summer, but indoors and with proper ventilation). It's a test of your skill to see how well you can cook your food (I tend to overcook my food at KBBQ). Service was okay (the server was a little disorganized and forgetful when we ordered our dessert), food was good and it was a fun experience.

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