Saturday, 15 June 2013

Gonoe Sushi

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The restaurant has partitioned rooms - very cute!

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Miso soup starter
The miso paste was a little strong; it probably would have been better with some tofu

Midori roll with unagi, crab meat, cucumber, tobiko and wrapped avocado
The roll was okay: there wasn't a lot of bbq eel, the cucumber was crisp, avocado was a little mushy and the crab meat was the fake kind.


Chicken Teriyaki Combo Lunch Special
The combo lunch special came with 3 California rolls and 3 pieces of sushi. (see below).
The teriyaki sauce was too bland and not tasty or strong enough. The chicken was okay if a little rubbery.
I really liked the gyoza (deep fried dumplings). They were authentic Japanese gyoza.
 The other sides were cold stir fried chicken and vegetables in the corner (at least this was tasty), salad and a tiny portion of rice.

The first part:
Salmon sushi, white snapper sushi and tuna sushi

Salmon Teriyaki lunch bento
The salmon teriyaki was better than the chicken (but the sauce was still pretty bland).

Spicy Chicken lunch bento
The spicy chicken was basically a hotter and spicier version of the cold stir fry in the bento box.
Not very impressive.

Flying dragon roll
The flying dragon roll looked a lot like a rainbow roll and it was pretty good with BBQ eel on top and crispy warm shrimp tempura inside.

Overall: The sushi rolls are better than Tako Sushi, but the actual meals and bentos aren't up to the same level. 

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