Monday, 29 July 2013

Coffee shop at The Emperor (Happy Valley) Hotel - Hong Kong (HK)

Vibrant Hong Kong
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The Emperor (Happy Valley) Hotel in Hong Kong offers free breakfast with the purchase of a stay in a deluxe room. So during our stay at the hotel, we got to eat a range of food from traditional Chinese breakfast items like congee and chow mein to blueberry pastries and omelettes.
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Apricot yogurt, mortadella, wonton wrapped meatballs, variety of fruits and soy milk
The pineapple and watermelon were sweet and delicious
Omelette with cheese, ham and mushrooms
They made the omelette right when I requested it and served it to my table. Something about Hong Kong ham is so much better than North American ham - it's just so much tastier.

Top bowl: crispy taters and turnip cake
Bottom plate: fried noodles, sausage, choy, almond coconut paste pastry and blueberry pastry
The noodles were decent; the chicken sausagewas a little weird tasting; the almond coconut pastry was really good
Pork and dried cabbage congee
Char siu bao, xiaolongbao, vermicelli and almond pastry

Fruits and potato salad (lots of mayo)

Overall: Decent breakfast - they mixed things up everyday so you didn't have to get bored with the buffet.

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