Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Happy Restaurant - HK

Everything is tightly packed in Hong Kong: from the apartments to the shops and market stalls. It's like there's never a dull moment. 
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We wanted to grab a quick lunch in Wan Chai and we found this restaurant right next to the Fleming Road bridge: 
This Hong Kong style cafe looked really busy with all the locals. It was like a Chinese version of a diner: we were served our food within 2 minutes of ordering. The turnover was so ridiculously fast - people came, ordered, ate and left within 15 minutes. 

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Chicken Feet soup & Pork Chop and Fried Egg with Spaghetti in Ketchup sauce
All the plates came with a drink (Hong Kong style milk tea, coffee, lemon tea or bowl of soup). 
We got two milk teas and a soup. The soup was pretty good with chicken feet and black eyed peas.  I love Hong Kong style spaghetti with ketchup sauce - something about the sweetness of the ketchup and the tangy thick sauce works so well. It really is done best by Hong Kong people. Even in a simple cha chan teng in Hong Kong, the ketchup spaghetti sauce is way better than some other Italian tomato sauces I've tried. 
The spaghetti at Happy Restaurant was okay - a little mushy and overdone. 

Baked chicken filet fried rice with ketchup sauce
The baked chicken filet was a little dry, but still good and it was even tastier with ketchup sauce. They kept the fried rice simple with just egg. The addition of the corn, carrots and peas made the ketchup sauce a little sweeter. 

Pork chop with rice
Simple and classic - pork chop was a little dry, but tasty and substantial.

Overall: Super cheap and fast food. It wasn't particularly delicious, but it was filling and okay. 

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