Friday, 26 July 2013

McLobster @ McDonald's

Yay! McLobster is in Toronto until Aug 23rd! 
I've never been to the East Coast, so I love that McDonalds brought their famous East Coast specialty here.
Cute marketing
I've seen some pictures of other people's McLobster sandwiches and some have been really disappointing.
The moment of truth revealed:
Ugh, what a disaster! The lobster filling isn't even spread out evenly...this was pretty pathetic. 
Eventually, when I spread the filling out evenly over the bun - it turned out to be a reasonable portion (if not particularly filling even though it was $6.79 excluding tax). 
We bought 3 sandwiches in total...and you can see the outcomes. 
One turned out to be a lobster lettuce salad and the other one was sort of similar to what was advertised on the box, but there was an overwhelming amount of celery. 

The one thing that was consistent was that there was sweet lobster, a ton of mayo, some green onions, varying amounts of lettuce and lots of celery. It was okay - it was nice to try it for the novelty, but I probably wouldn't order it again. 


  1. I like lots of mayo. An interesting sandwich!

  2. My husband had to try one a couple years in Nova Scotia ... he wasn't impressed.