Thursday, 4 July 2013

Remedy Cafe Downtown - Edmonton

I arrived in Edmonton around 10 pm and by the time we got out of the airport, it was around 10:45 pm (my Westjet flight was stuck waiting for the Air Canada flight from Toronto to finish disembarking). Luckily, the Remedy Cafe in the downtown core was still open for late night eats and take-away Indian food with vegan and vegetarian options.
Inside Remedy Cafe
Pretty cool place - a good hangout place with the cafe and Indian restaurant all-in-one.

Kashmiri Chai
Kashmiri Chai Tea
Wow...this was amazing! The chai was so aromatic from the mix of Indian spices and herbs and to top that off, there were rose petals and ground pistachios liberally sprinkled on top. Definitely a must try here!

Butter Chicken & rice
Take-out Butter Chicken

Butter chicken on rice
Butter Chicken on Basmati rice
The butter chicken had elements of sweetness and spiciness to it, but the predominant taste in the sauce was the sweetness. The all-white meat chicken was almost swimming in the sauce. It was nice to pair the chicken with the rice. 

Overall: Really cool cafe concept - it's definitely not your average Indian restaurant. If you're a fan of delicious teas, you have to try the Kashmiri Chai they serve here. They have some really cool vegan and vegetarian options (especially the cakes). 
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