Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Yi Ban Heung Shanghainese Restaurant - HK

The busy Causeway Bay area is home to Jardine's Bazaar which is one of the oldest shopping areas in Hong Kong dating back at least to 1845 (according to Wikipedia).  
Luckily, the street isn't as crowded and there are some really well known restaurants there. After a busy day of shopping, we were looking for somewhere with quick food, fast service and air conditioning to escape the heat.

Shanghaiese Chi Fan
The chi fan is a sticky rice roll wrapped around shredded pork and youtiao. This one wasn't very good: the rice was hard and old, and although it was sticky, it had difficulty sticking to the meat and Chinese doughnut and it wasn't wrapped tightly enough.

Stir fried shredded eel with noodle soup
I've been eating a lot of Japanese style unagi, so I was a little unprepared for the saltier sauce. The eel was all deboned and tossed with so many beansprouts that it diluted the taste of the dish.

We got two steamed baskets of xiaolongbao. The skin was pretty thick and sticky. I found that the bao had a lot of meat inside and very little soup which made it not as balanced as some of the authentic xiaolongbao I've had before (especially in Shanghai)

Overall: Yi Ban Heung Shanghainese Restaurant served mediocre food, but it was air conditioned and they had really quick service. 

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