Thursday, 5 September 2013

Future Bakery & Cafe

A popular U of T hangout spot in the Annex. They serve all-day breakfast, pierogis and cake!
Most of their cakes are from Bakery Street, but they have a few others from different Toronto brands like LaRocca and Dufflet
Clockwise from top left: Lemon cupcake from Dufflet, Caramel Crunch from LaRocca, Raspberry Blast from Baker Street
The cupcake was days old - the icing was super hard and the cake was rock-solid. It wasn't edible at all. 
The caramel crunch cake was good though with fluffy layers of cream and caramel between two layers of crunchy meringue - Yum!
The raspberry blast was good as it blended two of my favourite cake flavours: chocolate and raspberry. 

Overall: The selection was pretty good, but the cake slices were pricey!

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