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Sushi Bong

May 15, 2012

The chefs hard at work
2012 Menu
2012 Menu

Two Dynamite Rolls - Huge right?
I can't believe we ate that much rice....

From the top: Spider Roll (with soft shell crab) and bottom roll is Unagi Special

Top two rolls are spider rolls and the bottom right is dynamite roll
Delicious! The rolls are huge (a very large mouthful) and tasty. 
Every time I've been here, I've always found that the ingredients are fresh and everything is made to order.
The tempura is crispy and the bbq eel was right off the grill. 
I also like the touch of tamago (sweet egg omelette) and it goes great with everything else including the roe (orange fish eggs), cucumber and avocado.
The rolls are always tightly wrapped too (amazing considering how huge these sushi rolls are).

Unagi special
My brother decided to measure the size of the rolls: each piece of sushi was 6 cm across and the whole roll was about 12 cm long. Very impressive.

Overall: The actual restaurant is quite tiny (there's only seating for like 4 tables inside), so most of the orders are take-out orders. Parking is a hassle at Northtown Way, but usually you can put in an order and pick it up in 15 minutes. I would recommend Sushi Bong - they put out consistently great sushi, the prices are very affordable and you get value for money.

May 24, 2014

Sushi Bong Menu 2014 (page 1)
Sushi Bong Menu
Sushi Bong Menu 2014 (page 2)
The Menu went up in price a little bit, but the food didn't change! 
The rolls are still as gigantic as before:
Unagi Special Roll, Dynamite Roll, Spider Roll and a Spicy Salmon Roll

Clockwise from top left: Spicy Salmon, Unagi Special, Dynamite and Spider Roll
Still delicious and still huge! Lots of great ingredients like the tamago (egg), fresh cucumber and creamy avocado and delicious seafood all tightly packed together in seaweed and rice with sesame seeds sprinkle around. Yum! Sushi Bong is still a favourite. (Great Value for Money)

August 7, 2014

 I met up with my friend and we finally got to sit down and eat at the Sushi Bong restaurant instead of ordering take-out as usual:
 Sushi Bong Special $9.50
Spicy Salmon roll, California Roll and assorted sushi (Salmon and Butterfish)
Yum! And such huge portions for reasonable prices - I really don't have any criticisms. 

 Bong Sashimi 
Bong Sashimi $10.40
Whitefish, Salmon and Red Snapper

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