Sunday, 3 May 2015

Pierre Hermé - Hong Kong

May 3, 2015
Beautiful delightful Macarons! They're little morsels of sweet deliciousness.

July 27, 2014
Especially Pierre Hermé macarons:
I loved the box! It's so distinctively Hong Kong with all the landmarks.
Also, the macarons were flown in from Paris! Insane!
The top column: (1) Infiniment Caramel (Salted Caramel), (2) Infinitment Jasmin (Jasmine Flower & Jasmine Tea) , (3) Mosaïc (Pistachio, Ceylon Cinnamon & Morello Cherry), (4) Infiniment Chocolat Porcelana (Pure Origin Venezuela Porcelana Dark Chocolate), (5) Infinitment Citron (Lemon), (6) Infinitment Pistache (Pistachio).
Bottom column: (1) Infinitment Chocolat Paineiras (Pure Origin Bresil Planation Paineiras Dark chocolate), (2) Montebello (Pistachio & Strawberries), (3) Jardin Mystérieux (mystery flavour), (4) Médélice (Lemon & Flaky Hazelnut Praline, (5) Infinitment Café Iapar Rouge Du Brésil (Red Iapar Coffee from Brazil) and (6) White Truffle Hazelnut

Of the assorted box of macarons, I really liked the pistachio (because pistachio macarons are amazing and I love the flavour of pistachios in desserts), white truffle hazelnut (the earthy truffle oil and hazelnut combination was really interesting and it grew on you as you ate it), lemon (citrus flavours are so much better in dessert), and the Jardin Mysterieux (which has licorice and another flavour - possibly strawberry?).
All the macarons were perfectly made and little delightful melt-in-your-mouth morsels, but the thing that makes Pierre Herme so unique is the constantly changing combination of flavours he offers in his desserts. J'ADORE!

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