Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Buca Osteria & Enoteca

I heard a lot about Buca and we finally got a chance to try out this upscale Italian eatery
It's hidden down this little alley way and when you go downstairs, it opens up to this amazing large and bright space for gatherings.

Pizza salumi
Pizza Salumi Di Buca with smoked mozzarella, king oyster mushrooms and salumi
Nice crispy crust on this artisianal pizza. 

Bigoli: hand-cranked duck egg pasta, duck offal ragu, venetian spices, mascarpone, basil
Really nicely plated and the pasta dish was lovely, but I found the portion a little small.

Gnocchi all'astice
Gnocchi all'astice: lobster gnocchi in a white wine sauce
Yummy meaty chunks of lobster and delicious gnocchi!

Torte di zucchine
Torte di zucchine
Very moist zucchini torte! Not too sweet and a nice change from the usual.

I thought this was lovely with the mousses and semi freddo together - lots of flavours going on and really beautiful to look at.

Baba Al Rum 
Baba Al Rum
Unfortunately, this was our least favourite dessert. The cake was a little dry, but soaked in rum flavour. However I found it a little overwhelming.

Overall: An okay meal at Buca - definitely on the pricey side considering the portion sizes.


Monday, 18 August 2014

Taftan Kebab

After reading about this place online, I wanted to try it since I was in the area for lunch:
Prices on the website were pretty cheap.

It wasn't until I got to the restaurant that I realized the prices all went up by a bit:

   Chicken kebab and salad 
Combo #5: Chicken Kebab with salad $5.99
The chicken was juicy and tasty. I was a little concerned that it might have been undercooked (but I didn't have any stomach problems - so it must have been okay or my stomach handled it).
The roasted tomato was really good - I now understand the obsession: the crinkly skin, sweet tomato and slightly mushy inside...Yum! The salad was a simple Greek salad, but all this food together was very filling for less than $10.

Overall: Good take-out Iranian food a little south of Little Persia. I didn't have any problems with the service - they were quick and polite to me.

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Monday, 11 August 2014

Jim's Wings and Pizza - Campbellford (ON)

Campbellford is a quaint little town and it's perfectly situated on the bank of the Trent-Severn Waterway.
We decided to go looking for pizza to bring back to the cottage and found Jim's Wings and Pizza on Front Street. 
IMAG4755  IMAG4756 

We got three large pizzas:
Top: Chicken, ground beef and mushrooms
Middle: Meatballs, green peppers and sausage
Bottom: Large pepperoni

I was pretty impressed by the meatballs pizza. Those were massive meatballs and they were really tasty.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Pastel Creperie & Dessert House

There are a lot of Asian dessert places around Yonge and Finch, and after reading some good reviews about Pastel, we decided to check it out:
Pastel Menu

 Tropical Crepe 
Tropical Crepe with mandarins, oranges, pineapple, shortcake, whipped cream and pistachio almond ice cream.
When ordering this dessert, my decisive factor was the pistachio almond ice cream. Yum! It had a concentrated pistachio flavour (way better than the Wanda's Waffles pistachio ice cream) - I could probably eat a tub of this ice cream. I was tempted to put in an order for pistachio ice cream take out.
The crepe was good - lots of fruit, but this dessert was all about the ice cream for me. I think the almond part of the ice cream really brought out the pistachio flavour.

Brownie Crepe with chocolate ice cream, whipped cream and brownies
Very pretty presentation! The brownies inside the crepe provided more substance to the crepe and I thought was better than the Tropical Crepe's fillings. 

Overall: Nice crepes - not too sweet and the ice cream was yummy!

Sushi Bong

May 15, 2012

The chefs hard at work
2012 Menu
2012 Menu

Two Dynamite Rolls - Huge right?
I can't believe we ate that much rice....

From the top: Spider Roll (with soft shell crab) and bottom roll is Unagi Special

Top two rolls are spider rolls and the bottom right is dynamite roll
Delicious! The rolls are huge (a very large mouthful) and tasty. 
Every time I've been here, I've always found that the ingredients are fresh and everything is made to order.
The tempura is crispy and the bbq eel was right off the grill. 
I also like the touch of tamago (sweet egg omelette) and it goes great with everything else including the roe (orange fish eggs), cucumber and avocado.
The rolls are always tightly wrapped too (amazing considering how huge these sushi rolls are).

Unagi special
My brother decided to measure the size of the rolls: each piece of sushi was 6 cm across and the whole roll was about 12 cm long. Very impressive.

Overall: The actual restaurant is quite tiny (there's only seating for like 4 tables inside), so most of the orders are take-out orders. Parking is a hassle at Northtown Way, but usually you can put in an order and pick it up in 15 minutes. I would recommend Sushi Bong - they put out consistently great sushi, the prices are very affordable and you get value for money.

May 24, 2014

Sushi Bong Menu 2014 (page 1)
Sushi Bong Menu
Sushi Bong Menu 2014 (page 2)
The Menu went up in price a little bit, but the food didn't change! 
The rolls are still as gigantic as before:
Unagi Special Roll, Dynamite Roll, Spider Roll and a Spicy Salmon Roll

Clockwise from top left: Spicy Salmon, Unagi Special, Dynamite and Spider Roll
Still delicious and still huge! Lots of great ingredients like the tamago (egg), fresh cucumber and creamy avocado and delicious seafood all tightly packed together in seaweed and rice with sesame seeds sprinkle around. Yum! Sushi Bong is still a favourite. (Great Value for Money)

August 7, 2014

 I met up with my friend and we finally got to sit down and eat at the Sushi Bong restaurant instead of ordering take-out as usual:
 Sushi Bong Special $9.50
Spicy Salmon roll, California Roll and assorted sushi (Salmon and Butterfish)
Yum! And such huge portions for reasonable prices - I really don't have any criticisms. 

 Bong Sashimi 
Bong Sashimi $10.40
Whitefish, Salmon and Red Snapper

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Friday, 1 August 2014

Panera Bread @ Yonge and Dundas

June 6, 2014

Panera Bread ran a free You Pick Two promotion in the Metro Newspaper for a few weeks. 
So I decided to try out as many freebie options together that I could! 
The first time I went, they ran out of a lot of food (since too many people were grabbing the free You Pick Two at lunch). So, I grabbed:
French Onion soup and 1/2 Asiago Steak Sandwich with Kettle cooked potato chips
The soup was really salty without the croutons and the cheese, but it was even saltier with them. The Asiago cheese foccacia was really doughy and lumpy, with some weird cheddar cheese and strips of rare seared steak. Not particularly appetizing, but it's free I guess. However, it would not be something I would come back and pay for. 

1/2 Asiago steak on Ciabatta, Cream of Broccoli soup and an apple. 
The cream of broccoli was much better than the French onion soup and I think the ciabatta was a better choice of bread. 

Chicken tortellini
1/2 Roasted Turkey and Avocado BLT and Chicken Tortellini Alfredo
The BLT was okay - at least there was quite a bit of avocado. The tortellini was kind of sad with 4 chicken strips on top of the cheesy and saucy pasta. The alfredo sauce was salty and pretty strong.  I think if you're going to try any pastas - the one I would get again is the pesto sacchettini because it had a great pesto flavour and the sacchettini was really cute and delicious. 
Roast Turkey and Avocado BLT
Side view

chipotle chicken panini
1/2 Chipotle Chicken Panini
Chicken, bacon, melted cheddar, tomato and a hint of the chipotle sauce. It was actually a pretty good sandwich. I think I'd rather order paninis again than the sandwiches. 

Thai chicken salad with asian sesame dressing
Thai Chicken Salad with Asian Sesame dressing (since they ran out of the Thai dressing)
Really interesting with romaine lettuce, Thai cashews, edamame, red peppers, carrots, cilantro and wonton strips. I actually really liked the salad - it was a good mix of the ingredients and they worked well together, I would probably order more of their salads in the future. This salad probably would have been better with Thai dressing, but the Asian Sesame was okay too. 

Cobblestone pastry
Cobblestone pastry
It was huge and it looked so interesting, I couldn't resist trying it out. 
Cinnamon Raisin swirl bread dough with apple spice filling and topped with streusel and white icing. 
Very different from a normal pastry - I loved the cinnamon, apple spice filling and the white icing, but I could have done without the raisins.

August 1, 2014
Since joining the Panera Club, I've been getting some promotions. One of them was $2 off a flatbread, so I decided to grab one on my way home:
  Mediterranean Chicken Flatbread
I think this is the saddest flatbread I've ever seen and I can't believe it retails for $5.
I wouldn't ever pay regular price for this! There was no way it was a meal - this was barely a snack!
There was barely any chicken and it was just thrown together haphazardly;  if you're in the Yonge & Dundas area - be sure to check out the other options before coming to Panera for the flatbread.
Overall: Things I would order again are the paninis, pastries and salads. The rest of the items just weren't good.