Tuesday, 18 November 2014

7 Numbers (Midtown)

7 Numbers on Eglinton is actually one of two restaurants owned by the Marinuzzi family. The website is great! It gives off the impression that you're going to eat real classic and homey Italian food with a friendly Italian family.

My friend and I decided to go family style for $30 per person so we get to try all these different menu items with antipasti, primi and secondi (and contorni)
Calamari with lemon on the right and beet gorgonzola almond salad, caprese salad and arugula and pepper goat cheese salad
The calamari portion was really more than I expected and it had a nice simple and clean flavour with the lemon and sauce.  I liked everything on the salad plate - very distinct and strong flavours from the two salads: the gorgonzola cheese and beets with balsamic was done quite well and the peppery arugula and goat cheese was nice too.

First pasta course: veal lasagna, farfalle with ricotta and linguine with rapini
The lasagna is one of the dishes they're known for and it was probably one of the best lasagnas I've had. I didn't know fresh pasta could make such a difference until I tasted this - I was really wowed by it - each bite just seemed to melt-in-your-mouth! The veal was the perfect meat to add into this lasagna too because it complemented the soft pasta and the lightly tangy sauce just brought it all together. So good!!! I definitely have to come back for more.
The farfalle and linguine were both cooked to a perfect al dente and were good, but I think the lasagna just eclipsed everything else on the plate.

More food! Onto the meats like the carnivores we are...
Grilled Pork Chop and Osso Buco
Top: Osso Buco, asparagus and salad and Maile (grilled pork chop)
The osso bucco was tender and covered with a onion and tomato sauce which suited it. The pork chop was a LOT of meat - especially after those other courses we had. It was seasoned and grilled perfectly with roasted red peppers on top. Everything was really well done!

Overall: Fantastic place for simple and classic Italian food (no fancy fiddleheads or stinging nettle here). It's almost rustic in its simplicity and it seems like one of those great Italian restaurants using recipes passed down through generations. The service was great and the food was even better - the best part was I didn't have to break the bank eating everything I wanted off the menu! :D

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