Friday, 28 November 2014

Museum Tavern

We were celebrating a good friend's birthday with dinner and tickets to Friday Night Live at the ROM.  So, we chose Museum Tavern because (a) it got good reviews and (b) the proximity to the ROM

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger with fries

House Crafted Game Sausage with elk, boar, lamb and spaetzle
The sausage was good if you like game and a little tougher than your typical sausage.
I wasn't a fan of the spaetzle though.

1/4 lb. Yarmout Lobster Roll
The lobster was sweet and the roll was nicely toasted and buttered. Very meaty, but a little expensive for $24.

Triple chocolate cake
White chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate mousse - yum!

Cinnamon sugar pie
The last time I was here I fell in love with their sugar pie, so I knew I had to get it again if they had it. They had a cinnamon version of the pie, but I found the cinnamon overpowered the pie and the crust was just soggy and gooey.

Overall: There's an interesting variety of pub food at Museum Tavern and generally something for everyone. It can definitely be on the pricier side depending what you're getting and there's some hits and misses. Good vibe though and quick service.

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