Saturday, 10 January 2015

Aberdeen Delicatessen

This plaza on Midland near Finch has been around for a while, but every time I pass by - I think of it as new. I keep saying that I'll try out some of the food places here "one day" and I haven't really gotten around to it. Until I heard someone mention that Aberdeen Delicatessen has really good Hong Kong Milk Tea, then suddenly, the plaza was on my radar. 

Two cups of Hong Kong Milk Tea
Really creamy, smooth and delicious! They do serve really good HK Milk Tea here. 

However, I found this more fascinating: 
Tea in shot glasses! Very cute
The Asian Way of taking shots (LOL)

4 Kind of Fungus Soup
It was pretty watery and not particularly good. 

Barbecue Chicken and Liver Skewer, White Rice and Ginger Rice
The skewer looked good, but I didn't know that there was liver and a huge chunk of fat on the skewer. Apparently, you're supposed to eat the fat chunk with the pears and green onions underneath to cut the fattiness. The ginger rice was really ginger-y. 

Overall: I would come back for the Hong Kong Milk Tea, but probably pass on the food. 

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  1. 可怕的服务。食物是冷。头发在布丁。我听到别人负。节省你的钱。去隔壁