Saturday, 7 February 2015

Cafe Pleiade

My third Winterlicious this year and it's back at one of my favourites: Cafe Pleiade for a $25 dinner.
It's this cute and cozy little restaurant on Mount Pleasant that serves deliciously filling portions of French and Mediterranean food. I can always count on them to serve good home style food at really reasonable prices. 
(*Items I would recommend and/or order again)
Bread with olive oil and balsamic

Fresh Ravioli with tomato sauce and Parmesan flakes
This is such a nice change from those overpriced high end restaurants that serve one ravioli as an appetizer. 
I got a few ravioli with a lot of their fresh marinara sauce with chunks of tomato and cheese on top. The pasta was good, but I was hoping that they would have something other than just cheese in the ravioli. 

Fresh Mussels Mariniere
Every time we've been here for Winterlicious or dinner, we always get the mussels. They're just that good! 
The sauce was so tasty and the mussels soaked up all the flavour. The fresh tomatoes and onions added a nice freshness to the dish. The mussels are their best appetizer (or main course at lunch) - so you should definitely order this!

Grill Pork Tenderloin on Spinach with fingerling potatoes, yoghurt and mint sauce
Amazing! The grilled pork tenderloin was juicy and so delicious! The best part was that I got three pieces of tenderloin with nice grill marks on that I could dip in the refreshing yoghurt sauce. It was so good and great value for money. 

Cassoulet with pork, chicken, sausage and lima beans on pasta
Hefty portion as well with huge chunks of sausage, pork and chicken. The sauce was a little on the watery side and it used the same marinara base that was in the ravioli. The pasta missed out on the flavours of the cassoulet because of the watery sauce and the dish missed an overall cohesive flavour too. 

Carrot Cake and Apple Pie
We had to pack our desserts to go because we were so full from the meal. 
The carrot cake was really lovely and moist from the cream cheese icing and the raisins and I would highly recommend it. I'm not a big apple pie fan, but the crust was good (even though I ate it much much later). 

Overall: Cafe Pleiade is a great cozy and family run restaurant serving up Mediterranean and French food. It has all the requirements for one of my favourite restaurants: the food is delicious, the prices are super reasonable and the portions are big. And despite being a small restaurant, they get their service done really well and it's really quick. Fantastic place!

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