Monday, 16 February 2015

Magnolia Bakery - Chicago

Chicago River Walk

I kinda like the pace of Chicago over NYC.
It was FREEZING, but it's kinda lovely and peaceful.
I thought the Loop subway system was kind of stupid - we spent most of the weekend walking or taking the bus up and down Michigan Avenue because the subway couldn't get us to where we wanted.

We were casually strolling and saw Magnolia Bakery! The Chicago version!

OMG! We made it on PISTACHIO DAY!
We had a big 3 course lunch planned, so I grabbed a mini pistachio cupcake because I can't resist.
I'm guilty of raising my expectations too high whenever I see a pistachio dessert, but I can usually say most pistachio desserts usually meet my expectations purely because I can taste the pistachio flavour. In this case, I could see the pistachios on top, and feel little chunks of the nut get caught in my teeth in the cupcake part, but the icing fell flat for me - so it didn't really work for me.

Overall: It's nice to see the cupcake chain expanding, but unfortunately I didn't get the same experience eating cupcakes in Chicago that I did in New York.


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