Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Original Gino's East - Chicago

When it finally stopped snowing, we went to go take pictures with the Bean! (Formally known as the Cloud Gate). It took us a gazillion pictures, but we finally got the hang of it:
Snowy Bean
Reflective and pretty Bean
It was nice, Millennium Park reminds me of Central Park in NYC, but the Bean is more entertaining and fun. 

Later that night, we went to Gino's East (we bought a Groupon $30 for $15) and we were originally planning on eating Deep Dish Pizza our first night in Chicago, but our flight landed way too late for u to make it to Gino's on time. 
Good thing Gino's East was so close to our hotel - it was like -35 degrees Celsius with windchill tonight! 
20150215_183859 20150215_190238
Writing is on the wall! And Menu

House Salad (came with the pasta and it was huge)
Some kind of raspberry vinaigrette dressing and some romaine lettuce, croutons and a sad tomato and onion.
Baked Mostaccioli with marinara sauce, ricotta and mozzarella
I loved baked pastas and this one was super cheesy! The marinara sauce was okay and the crazy amount of cheese made it better. It was nice to have something while waiting for the deep dish pizza.

We had no idea it would take 45 minutes to an hour for the pizza to come out.
Medium Meaty Legend Deep Dish Pizza
Wow - this was huge! The pizza had a ton of sauce. I think it was more meat sauce than anything else actually. 
Oozy gooey mess when translated onto a plate.
I don't know why I thought a deep dish pizza would keep the same shape as a normal slice of pizza, but this definitely destroyed any illusions I had about eating the pizza with my hands. The fork and knife came in handy. I thought the pizza was okay, but the crust was awful. It was like hard slightly bitter and stale bread. I like sauce on a lot of things, but this was a little overwhelming.

Overall: Despite waiting a full hour for our deep dish pizza, our service was decent. The restaurant had all these signatures from people visiting from all around the world - so it was entertaining looking at signatures. The food was okay - I'm not really a deep dish pizza fan after trying for the first time here. (Update: OMG Cold Deep Dish Pizza is DELICIOUS! Way way better than fresh from the oven deep dish pizza - day after pizza is the way to go).

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